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Your options below will help you to make an informed decision based on your career focus and promotional strategy. Select what best fits your current need.


$99 / set-up
  • 5 Pre-clearance Credits**
  • Cast a wide net and post your non-exclusives in other libraries without conflicts of interest or having to perform take-down maintenance.
  • 50% Sync Commission
    You own 100% publishing royalties
  • Contribute to and post your original music into external libraries as well as to OER library. We feature, promote, match, and pitch your musical styling as needed to the production client’s project specification throughout all channels and resources.
  • Cancel anytime***
Exclusive by Invitation
  • 20 Pre-clearance Credits**
  • Posting your original tracks as exclusive to OER library receives the maximum targeted exposure, promotion and pitching to clients as matched.
  • 40% Sync Commission
    You own 75% publishing royalties
  • If you have submissions that are already posted in other libraries you are required to perform take-down maintenance from those libraries. Your exclusively hosted original tracks or catalog in OER’s library gets aggressive hands-on treatment.
  • 36 mo. commitment***
  • (Invitation code required)


$149 / set-up
  • 10 Pre-clearance Credits**
  • Non-exclusive and exclusives
  • Maintain your non-exclusives anywhere without take-down.
  • 50% Sync Commission
    You own 100% publishing royalties
  • Affords flexibility to maintain and control your non-exclusive files in other libraries without having to remove them. We host your original OER exclusives as well as non-exclusive tracks to feature, promote, match, pitch and ultimately place to client specification.
  • 24 mo. commitment***

Why An OER Roster?

We are a team of artists with experience in the music and film industries. This allows us to strategically represent other creators with vigor to promote and place with insider intelligence, your originals into interesting and compelling visual media projects.


We’ll notify you whenever new sync opportunities arrive. These alerts are complimentary to our members. Simply subscribe to notifications.


We post valuable information about productions and stages that are in the works. These detail genre, as well as plot line to help you prepare new works and build upon your portfolio.


Standard policy for all registered members. That’s the way it is over here. Understanding that there is no guarantee of placement. The right fit is the right fit! We don’t give up!


* No recurring fee means there is a one-time set-up fee and is subject to change. All other fees are optional as for hire services outside of initial setup such as specialty marketing and promotional add-on services.

** Pre-clearance is mandatory for placement of all original works owned by you, your writing partners and publishers. A per unit value is associated with Pre-clearance as a service. Any included free Pre-clearance vouchers are non-transferable and must be claimed within 90 days of setting up an OER account, Otherwise, Pre-clearance credits become forfeited with no monetary value.

*** A commitment may be required for certain account types. In the event of cancellation by you within the commitment period, no refund will be granted for setup fees. Exclusive accounts may incur a cancellation fee as specified in our fee chart as posted on the OER website.