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We offer original recorded lyrical songs, instrumental compositions, and sound designs by our roster of seasoned global artists

Owl Eye Records is an independent label and production music catalog of pre-cleared original music across most genres. We curate for synchronization and obtain clearance of submitted works as a condition of inclusion into our catalog for worldwide licensing. On behalf of our roster of songwriters, composers and sound designers, we match projects and pitch the most appropriate works for placement into advertising, TV, film, web, games, and apps.


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Our Roster

  • Lisa Sniderman
  • Joyce Grant
  • Natasha Ward
  • Katie Dunnv
  • Roger Hoehne
  • Thomas Elliott
  • Bobby Hodge
  • Lisa Cook
  • Nathalie Smith
  • Ben Worrell
  • Jane Wilcher
  • Pauline Day
  • Gabriel Chau
  • Galen Martin



  • Lisa Sniderman
  • Joyce Grant
  • Matthew Duncan
  • Rickey Campbell
  • Jonathan Ku
  • Theresa Ochoa
  • Angela Hunley


  • Beverly Pleasants
  • Louis Shay
  • Stephen Rivers
  • Alan Doody
  • Betty Cochran
  • Marlene Fowler
  • Lois Olson

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